What are my brain health recommendations?

111015Enhance Your Brain For A Better Life (Part 2)
There is hope. Preventing neurological problems is much easier than treating existing damage to the brain. I have learned that there are simple lifestyle changes and easy-to-adopt natural therapies that can enhance everyone’s brain, as well as help prevent, treat, and reverse neurological disorders. Good news, this will also help improve your mood, energy, focus, and memory. As you age, you can remain mentally sharp and avoid problems like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. So, if you don’t want to end up with one of the many terrible and disabling brain disorders, start with some of the basics.

First, avoid exposure to toxins and artificial food additives. This also includes drugs, alcohol and tobacco use. Many of these chemicals react with the cells of the body and brain causing abnormal function. Prolonged exposure results in serious damage, most of which is internal and unseen. By the time it shows up on standard medical test, we usually have a serious disease to deal with.

Second, drink plenty of water. The correct amount will vary depending on activity level and heat. But remember that brain function will decrease quickly when dehydrated. Not to mention that your body needs plenty of water to detoxify itself.

Third, NeoCell Brain Formula for optimal brain function. It will supply all of the material your brain needs to build and repair brain tissue. It also provides material for all of your neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). If you start with these 3 basic steps, you are well on your way to a better brain and body.

NeoCell comes with my “10 Ways to Super Charge Your Brain”. Many patients who follow my plan notice an improvement in the first week, but it takes at least 90 days to get fully into your cells. That is why I recommend taking NeoCell and following the program as closely as possible for at least 3 months to allow your body to detoxify and then start enhancing and healing your brain. Once you have this foundation for brain health and healing, maintaining with NeoCell is simple.

I focus my medical practice on treating the cause of degenerative brain diseases to find safe and effective natural solutions for them. I want to do more than just cure your disease, I want to help improve your quality of life. I want you to “Be Healthy On Purpose, NOT By Accident!”

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