Basic Health for Missionaries

I don’t like getting sick, so I gave it up years ago. I was a really sick kid with continual colds, allergies, and the like. However, it has been eighteen years since I’ve had a cold or the flu, despite traveling to Japan and Mexico often and constantly being around sick patients. Getting sick is a choice; choose not to participate.

I see a lot of missionaries for the first time after they have been sent home for medical reasons.  However, almost all of these cases could have been prevented or cured without ending their mission.

The first step to remaining healthy is taking a good multivitamin.  For the sake of convenience on your mission, something lightweight yet high quality should be chosen.  You will want to maintain complete nutrition for the body, brain, and immune system. There are a lot of different things that can be beneficial, but at minimum take a good multi vitamin, vitamin C, and vitamin D3. A few options are:

  • NOW brand Special Two Multivitamin or Eco-Green Multivitamin
  • NOW brand C-1000 sustained release with rose hips
  • NOW brand Vitamin D3
  • Emergen-C Drinks

If you have specific issues— parasites, UTI, infections, heavy cramping, headaches, anxiety, depression, etc.—it would be best to decide now what you will do. Missionaries are often sent home for relatively simple health issues without discussion or notice. I can recommend effective and safe options for specific problems. Here are a few things I would suggest:

  • GSE for mild to moderate gut stomach flu and intestinal infections
  • D-Mannose for UTIs
  • A-Biotic for severe infections including MRSA and CDif

If anyone around you is getting sick, immediately triple your daily dose of vitamin C & D3. If you have even a hint of a cold or flu, kill it off fast. I advise hitting it with strength and stay consistent until ALL symptoms are completely gone for three or four days. Increasing your C&D3 doses will knock it out faster than anything else. If you have any questions or need help shipping this stuff to where you are, let me know.

If you do get sick, here is a basic protocol to follow:

1. Use Nutribiotic Nasal Spray and/or Throat Spray with GSE antiviral and antibiotic about every hour.

2. Take Nutribiotic GSE liquid. Use about 20-30 drops 3x per day in Emergen-C or orange juice. The dosage can be increased for more serious infections. If an extreme condition exists, there is a strong MRSA killing antibiotic as well.

3. Take Vitamin D3 liquid or gels—1000iu every hour during the day. The more consistently you use it, the faster it will work.

4. Take Vitamin C complex—1000mg every hour during the day. You can use Emergen-C, NOW Air Defense, and/or NOW Elderberry Zinc/C. You can rotate the different products that you have to ensure a variety of nutrients.

5. Stay hot. You have a lot of heat loss from your head, neck, and feet. Do anything you can to stay warm. Use a beanie cap, scarf, socks, hot bath/shower etc. Roast it out. Fevers exist for an important physiological reason.


Anxiety and stress are major issues for many missionaries.  Unfortunately, most are medicated then sent home anyways.  If this is an issue, or becomes one, there is a solution other than dangerous medications. The graphic below is my Essentials Protocol for basic health.  This is good advice for anyone; you don’t have to be sick for it to apply.  If you don’t have access to some of the things mentioned, substitute the products with an equivalent.


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