Relieving Depression (Part 1)

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Depression in all of its variations and nuances has become one of the most devastating and costly problems facing modern countries. The economic impact is in the billions of dollars every year due to missed work, decreased productivity, suicides, illnesses, and medical expenses. Not to mention the negative attitude that spreads to other workers and decreases company moral and efficiency. Depression could be described as the anchor that stops progress.


Depression is not imagined. It’s not just “in your head”. It is a real brain malfunction that is most successfully treated with natural methods. If you know someone who suffers from the devastating effects of depression, this new exciting information and natural treatment produce amazing life changing results.

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Put simply, you should normally feel pretty good most of the time, both in body and mood. You should have enough energy to accomplish what needs to get done in work and recreation. And you should at least enjoy many parts of your life if not all of it. If this is not the case, we can help you get there.

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Depression has substantial physiological effects. A depressed mental state causes altered neurotransmitter release resulting in a decrease of your brain’s “happy chemicals” like serotonin and dopamine.


Even healthy individuals get feelings of depression from sudden unexpected tragedies. This emotional pain is caused by real brain chemicals called neural peptides. We have specific neural peptides for each emotion we feel. Each of these chemicals triggers specific cellular reactions. With sadness, for instance, you may have: a tightening in the chest, changes to breathing, tears, etc. There are real physical reactions to our thoughts and emotions.


The cycle of depression happens as these brain chemicals continue to be released and your cells become addicted to them. As the addicted cells divide the new cells have even more neuroreceptors (antennas) for the depression chemicals. The brain actually changes shape and function too. The patient gets progressively more depressed and it becomes physically more difficult to feel happy or have a sense ofwellbeing. This is why treating depression must start with repairing the brain so that we can work on the cellular addiction that has been created and reinforced over time.


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