Molecules of the Student Brain – Helping Every Student Achieve Their Greatest Potential

Molecules of the Student Brain – Helping Every Student Achieve Their Greatest Potential (Part 1)


Whether your child is already a genius, or has issues that need help to function normally, we can help maximize brain function with advanced brain nutrition.

What happens in the brain when we are happy, sad, and anxious, a genius or a dolt? What controls how we feel and think? Can we make our brain do what we want? More than 100,000 chemical reactions go on in your brain every second! Every thought you think and every emotion you feel creates chemicals. For good or bad, this chemical environment determines how we feel and our health also. Our thoughts and emotions make chemicals just as chemicals can make feelings and thoughts. The entire mental health care system is based on treatments using drugs to alter the brain. Sadly, drugs never make you better; you become prisoner to the drugs for the rest of your life. There is a better way and I can teach you.

Among the brain’s many jobs is to be your personal chemist. The brain produces thousands of neurochemicals that we are still learning about. We have identified the function of more than 50 active chemicals. Some of these ‘natural wonders’ are associated with intelligence. Others include the control of memory and learning, appetite, sleep, temperature regulation, mood, desire, behavior, cardiovascular function, emotions and more.

All of these miraculous neurochemicals require specific nutrients to be manufactured by the brain. If any of these nutrients are deficient, then the brain cannot repair itself properly. Often, it is just that simple. A key nutrient is missing that is required for healthy brain function. The result is symptoms like depression, anxiety, fatigue, memory loss, etc. Any combination of mental disorders arises from simple nutritional deficiencies. The production of brain chemicals stops without them.

That is why the starting place is complete brain and body nutrition. Nutrients are not optional! Either they are in the diet or there not. If they are not, something will go wrong in the body. It is amazing how many complex and incurable problems can be innately fixed by the body when the body is given every nutrient it needs.

Artificial food additives and chemicals are destructive to the brain.

Artificial food additives interfere with the normal function of our cells. Many artificial additives directly disturb brain function. Remember, thinking is a biochemical process. For brain cells to communicate effectively with each other to create neural pathways, they require chemicals called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the ‘messengers’ carrying messages from the brain to the cells. Artificial chemicals interfere with and alter brain chemicals.

When these artificial foods are eaten on a regular basis, serious damage can happen to the brain. Learning disabilities, behavior problems, low test scores, suicides, have all occurred in students with these poor diets. Your student’s diet should avoid these man-made chemicals as much as possible. Some foods to avoid: fast foods, processed foods, cola drinks, artificial colors and sweeteners, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, excessive white flour and sugar, etc.

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