Molecules of the Student Brain – Helping Every Student Achieve Their Greatest Potential (Part 2)

brain-food-for-studentsThe foods you eat directly affect the performance of your brain. It has been proven that by eating the right food, you can boost your IQ, improve your mood, be more emotionally stable, sharpen your memory and keep your mind young. If you give your brain the right nutrients, you will be able to think quicker, have a better memory, be better coordinated and balanced and have improved concentration.

To unlock the unlimited power of your own mind, you MUST first guarantee that you have all of the basic building blocks REQUIRED by the brain to function properly. Without the basic nutrients, like any machine missing parts, your brain will break down and cease to function as it should.

With these nutrients, the brain can make all the brain chemicals it needs to allow 100% function. We can now be reassured that the physical components of the brain are in place. Only then can our other efforts to improve our mental state actually work!

Quest Group’s quality supplements helps to fill in the gaps where perhaps your food does not give you all the nutrients you need for optimal health. NeoPak, NeoCell, and NeoGuard provide vitamins, essential minerals essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes and natural phytonutrients and rich antioxidants from plant sources.


  1. The biochemical nature of your brain requires specific nutrients to work. If you are missing any of your required nutrients, your brain and body will malfunction. THE MACHINE WILL BREAK!!!
  2. Avoid all artificial food additives and junk food. Everything we eat, drink and breathe must Be Assimilated or Eliminated. Either our body can use it to repair or it will damage our cells. Remove all of the artificial foods and chemicals from your lifestyle.
  3. You can acquire absolute control of your of your Brain, Body, Thoughts and Health. You are not a slave, victim or a prisoner of your problem or disease. Basic Programming of the Brain begins before birth and is mostly complete by age 8. This subconscious programming determines how we react and perceive the world around us. If you don’t like your life or who you are, REWRITE YOUR BRAIN’S PROGRAMMING. You will become what you think and do.

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