Chronic Stress – The Modern Epidemic


What comes to mind when you think about stress?

The common answers are work, schedule, family and finances. These all create an emotional stress. We worry about these items and we feel anxious. You may feel your heart beat a little faster or you may feel your chest get a little tight. This is the stress response.

This type of stress is growing continually. We have more demanding work schedules, the workplace is more competitive, our children are busier, and we have more social demands.

Everyone understands this type of emotional stress. But there is a lot more stress being placed on our bodies and brain every day than the emotional kind. In our modern world, we also have to deal with environmental stress. What are these other kinds of stressors?

When you have to commute on train, airplane, car or bus, you put stress on the body from the speed of the vehicle, the noise and sounds that surround you, and watching for people, cars and other commuting hazards. Our ancestors did not have to deal with this modern issue and our bodies have not evolved as fast our civilization has adapted to new technology.

There are a lot of other stressors that we are exposed to every day. We are now exposed to more toxins in our environment. It may be the pollution from industry or additives to processed food. All of these chemicals create a stress on the body as it tries to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Then we have adopted all of the modern technology. Your brain evolved to rise with the sun and sleep when it was dark. Now we keep it constantly stressed with computers, iPads, and video games. We keep it awake when it should be resting and rebuilding.

Our bodies are designed to deal with stress. Some stress is good. It keeps us moving, learning and growing. Most stress is bad. It put our body in fight or flight mode. During these times of stress, we excrete stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. At the same time, we use up important vitamins and minerals.

In fact, your brain builds reserves to deal with a stressful situation. Think of it like a tube of toothpaste. If all you have is a travel size tube, one little squeeze and your brain power is gone. Whether it’s exposure to toxins, stress, mental or emotional challenges, or the shock of injury from a fall or other accident, if you don’t have a lot of brain power storage (like a big tube of toothpaste) one minor incident can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately in our modern environment, we need never take the time rebuild those reserves. We continually deplete essential vitamin and minerals like the B vitamins that help the body deal with stress. After years of depletion, we get fatigued, our brain starts to get foggy, we start to get irritable or worse we develop a chronic health condition. These force us to get the rest from the stress that we desperately need.

In our modern world, it is absolutely essential to replace and boost all of the nutrients your body needs to manage the continual emotional, mental and physical stress it is exposed to. Your brain needs these nutrients or it becomes chronically depleted.

Nutrients that deal help with chronic stress:
Omega 3s

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