The Full Picture in Help for Autism/ADD and Related Conditions – Part 3

add-full-treatmentWhat makes my treatment so different than other programs?

The problem with most existing programs is that they only focus on one component of the brain’s neurophysiology. Even if that component is necessary, it is only one part of a complete treatment that works together to heal the brain tissue, the gut and then reprogram the brain to function properly.

NeoCell is the most important component, but must be combined with essential nutrition, diet, detoxing and neuro-chiropractic treatments, we work on solving the Mind Blindness and Functional Disconnection Syndrome.

Many of the outward symptoms associated with neurobehavioral disorders are the result of Functional Disconnection Syndrome. The right and left hemispheres of the brain are not communicating with each other normally. Typically one half of the brain is significantly slower than the other, so it can not compare and share information accurately with the other half of the brain. The stronger side of the brain must take over and starts to not connect with the weaker side of the brain.

This reduced coordination between the two sides of the brain produces disconnected children. They are disconnected from their own bodies and from their senses. They are also socially and emotionally disconnected. The goal is to correct the communication breakdown between the two hemispheres of the brain.

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