What do I do for my child with a neurobehavioral disorder?

Help for Autism / ADD and Related Conditions Part 4
What do I do for my child with a neurobehavioral disorder?

My integrated program does not rely on drugs, dangerous procedures or psychotherapy. No two children are identical and no two treatment plans are identical. I start patients with my basic health plan called “Dr. Gibson’s Essentials Protocol.” In addition to the Essentials Protocol, we must restore balance to the gastrointestinal system by detoxing and then replenishing with probiotics like Onaka Support or DeruSupport. Additional detoxing may be needed based on the extent of prior toxic exposure. Eat a balanced nutritious diet and take NeoPack or NeoGuard Chewable to ensure a good foundation for health.

The Essentials Protocol with NeoCell will ensure a good foundation for health and brain repair. NeoCell can now more effectively repair the brain cells and replenish neurotransmitter levels. Persistence as you follow the protocols with exactness will increase your odds of greater recovery. We never put limits on how much a patient may recovery.

I want to help as many children as possible, so that each child may reach their greatest physical, mental, social and academic potential. You can start today and open new possibilities for your child. The sooner you begin the more effective the treatment is.

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