What’s Really Going on Inside Your Brain . . .

110315The brain is the most amazing and important organ in the body. Without any conscious thought at all, it keeps us alive by regulating everything from the liver to sleeping and digestion. As long as we are still breathing, we assume it is working. But did you know that your brain also controls your immune system, mood, energy, and even your DNA?

What’s Really Going on Inside Your Brain . . .
Some people’s brains are stagnant (by choice) and most doctors still believe that we have little control over brain health, and that the brain does not repair after injury. Even some neurologists still hold to that antiquated dogma. It is because they don’t read the research… ever!

“Neural Plasticity” is the core principle that I work on. It is the science of brain repair and reformation. Every single therapy I use to help the brain and nerves is based on the concept of Neural Plasticity. I call it “Restorative Neurology” when I employ Neural Plasticity principles in my treatment. I’ve seen very dramatic changes in brain structure on MRI and CT Images and functional scans. You can heal your brain. It can grow, change and learn.

Each brain cell is a little factory that performs dozens of vital functions, including generating energy, making enzymes and proteins, performing numerous conscious and subconscious tasks. It even controls the activation and suppression of your DNA. But just like a car, your brain needs proper fuel, quality parts and maintenance. Without these, your brain will not perform at its best.

Cutting edge brain scans prove dramatically the physical change that is possible in the brain. With proper brain nutrition and care, your brain can be enhanced and restored.

Research shows that brain degeneration is inevitable for most of us as we age. Alzheimer’s, dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, are quickly becoming some of our top killers. Your risk of neurodegenerative disease increases dramatically if you are exposed to: stress, pollution, poor sleep, junk food, drugs, vaccines, and missing nutrients. Nobody wants this to happen.

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