Dr. Gibson’s Infobits – Depression and Happiness #1

depression-happinessThese short but very important portions of information will provide you with crucial understanding of the Molecules of Happiness.
Depression is a very real thing and not “just in your head,” as some say. Depression and sadness have specific chemical profiles in the brain. These chemicals have major effects on normal cell function in the entire body. Understanding the why and how will help you find the happiness that is possible for everyone to feel and to keep.
For simple definitions here; sadness is a temporary emotional state that may be triggered by unwanted or tragic events and circumstances while depression is a chronic condition that persists over time even with significant efforts to stop it. In both of these cases, chemical imbalances in the brain may create the emotions involuntarily even when life is otherwise going well. Having no obvious reason for feeling sad can be especially frustrating, but does not mean that it isn’t real. The damage from the chemical imbalance is very real and gets worse over time if you don’t fix it.
Neither emotional state should be ignored as the chemicals released into the blood during these depressed states are destructive to healthy cells including brain cells. The longer you are in these states; regardless of the cause, the more degenerative damage will occur to your brain cells and body.
I know from years of experience and 10’s of thousands of patients that healing the brain and restoring proper neurophysiology is the key. Knowing that there is a way out and real hope to feel different is the first step in controlling your own molecules of happiness. Keep reading and I’ll teach you how.
If you or someone you care about is suffering from depression or you just want more happiness, please read ALL of Dr. Gibson’s infobits and they will provide some valuable knowledge.

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