Depression and Happiness #2

Dr. Gibson’s Infobits – Depression and Happiness #2
These short but very important portions of information will provide you with crucial understanding of the Molecules of Happiness.
Depression can result from a number of causes. It may be a single cause like a side-effect of the medication you are taking or a specific nutritional deficiency that alters or stops serotonin production and activity. Both are very common these days. Or it may be a multifaceted problem with multiple causes.
Some may feel the start of depression at the death of a loved one and then never seem to come out of it. Others are completely baffled as they were happy and with no apparent cause, life became something dark or bland. While others tell me that they were never happy, even as a child.
Regardless of the cause, we can usually figure out a way to help. Most of you know that I treat disables vets free of charge. Many of these wounded warriors suffer from serious brain injuries, PTSD, and/or other brain disorders. Even very severe cases of PTSD and depression that are decades old have been resolved with careful protocols. One of my disabled vets was on over 28 meds–some for over 45 years. He now has his life back.
For anyone taking any medication (OTC or RX), please read ALL of the potential side-effects of your drug(s) not just the one discovered during the approval process. Quite often the answer is right in front of you on the list of side-effects. I would list all of the drugs that can cause depression here, but that would fill an entire book! The shorter list would be the drugs that don’t cause it.
Disclaimer: Now what you do next will need to be handled on an individual basis as many drugs are dangerous to quit cold turkey. This is definitely NOT something you do by yourself. Many of the manufacturer’s recommendations for stopping the drug are ridiculous and dangerous. It seems as though they are designed to fail so that you have such a negative experience coming off the drug that you never consider doing it again. Better options are usually available that won’t cause these withdrawal problems.
The vast majority of my patients opt for natural solutions as they don’t want the damage and danger of drugs in their life. This takes time and careful planning but works so well for so many people.
If you or someone you care about is suffering from depression or you just want more happiness, please read these Infobits and they will provide some valuable knowledge.

#1 Depression and Happiness is right here:


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