The Cholesterol Myth — It’s Inflammation, Not Cholesterol. Statin drugs cause your brain to shrink!

The dream of all pharmaceutical companies is to develop drugs that people will take for a lifetime even when they don’t need them. The cholesterol-lowering statin drug is a dream come true.

Stain drugs have been the biggest moneymaker in history for the pharmaceutical industry, promoted by both drug companies and physicians. Trillions of dollars later, all is not as it appears.

Articles touting the advantages of statin drugs have appeared in the most prestigious medical journals in the world. But most of them have actually been written by scientists employed by pharmaceutical companies that will profit from the drugs.

Amidst all of the anti-cholesterol media hoopla, the public has been denied several essential bits of information:

  1. The very small benefit of statin cholesterol-lowering drugs are due to reduced inflammation, NOT lowering cholesterol.
    2. Statin drugs slowly kill the brain by blocking the very thing that most of your brain is made from – cholesterol. Memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and a host of other neurodegenerative diseases result from prolonged Statin drug use.
    3. Omega-3 supplements are more effective in reducing inflammation and preventing heart disease with none of the dangerous side effects of the brain killing statin drugs.

In fact, according to the pharmaceutical industry’s own studies, the improvements in
Reducing heart attack and stroke risk are virtually the same as following a baby aspirin regimen. Although, omega-3 is the smart choice as it is much more effective than either one in reducing inflammation and preventing heart disease.

We also are not being told that the link between elevated cholesterol levels — even LDL-cholesterol — and heart disease, has been proven false. It is the measures of inflammation — especially highly sensitive C-reactive protein (CRP/hsCRP) that demonstrate the greatest link.

The latest studies show that inflammation is an independent risk factor for heart disease that is much stronger than any other measure of health. A study of two statin drugs, atorvastatin and pravastatin, found that patients with low hsCRP levels had fewer heart attacks no matter their LDLcholesterol level, and they had more heart attacks if their hsCRP was elevated regardless of their LDLcholesterol level. The same thing has been found for stroke risk.

Few physicians who prescribe statin drugs know that the link between elevated cholesterol levels and strokes has never been established, but the link to inflammation is strong and is supported by many laboratory and clinical studies.

Why won’t the drug manufacturers and physicians who promote statin drugs just change their policy and give statin drugs only to people with increased inflammation? Or better yet, give them the most effective and safest treatment of Omega-3. Couple that with a balanced anti-inflammatory diet and exercise and the risk is reduced another 3 fold.

It all comes down to dollars. Many hundreds of billions of dollars annually when you count both drug cost and doctors’ visits. Drug makers have so successfully convinced almost everyone in the US that lowering cholesterol the goal — they’ve even convinced many doctors that everyone, even children, should take statins for a lifetime. Yet, if doctors used C-reactive protein or other measures of inflammation as the criteria for prescribing statins, the drug’s use would decrease by 75-80%. That is a multi-billion dollar loss of revenue every year.

Now that even the statin makers have admitted that inflammation, not elevated cholesterol, is the cause of atherosclerosis and heart disease, we can examine ways to reduce inflammation in our bodies (and our blood vessels in particular) rather than using statin drugs.

Most chronic diseases and conditions, such as metabolic syndrome and abdominal fat, are associated with chronic inflammation. It isn’t the cholesterol number you should be concerned with; it is the types of foods you ate to get that number. Health fats and cholesterol boost your health and extend your life by reducing chronic inflammation and providing essential nutrients to the brain and body.

Avoid refined sugars, carbs, GMO corn products, fried foods, canola oil, margarine, shortening, and vegetable oils. These are the largest dietary factors increasing inflammation in Americans today.

Stress of any kind (mental, emotional, and physical) on the body will result in inflammatory chemical reactions in the body. Even when the diet is not a problem, stress may cause significant inflammation.

A few examples of foods that will help reduce inflammation and feed the brain and the heart: Free-range eggs – the ones that say high in Omega-3, chickens that eat about half of their diet in greens will produce eggs with 300-400mg of Omega-3 per egg. Regular eggs come from GMO corn fed chickens and have mostly omega-6 which will cause inflammation when we get too much.

Also, eat plenty of greens in your diet – ideally 40 to 50% of your diet. Greens will help reduce inflammation and keep it under control.

Wild Salmon, Tuna, Cod and other cold water fish are an excellent source of healthy fats. Avocados, nuts, wild game, grass fed beef and lamb can all be part of your healthy brain healthy heart diet.

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