Depression and Happiness #3

Dr. Gibson’s Infobits – Depression and Happiness #3

These short but very important portions of information will provide you with crucial understanding of the Molecules of Happiness.

Most often the patient has several causes for their depression.  Each of these causes may need to be addressed since any one of them may be strong enough to perpetuate the depression individually.

For every emotion you feel, you have a specific chemical cocktail released into the blood for that emotion.    Some emotions have a visible reaction like the blushing of embarrassment where the blood vessels dilate in the face.  But you’re not just embarrassed in your face, these “molecules of embarrassment” are in the blood and flow to every part of the body.   So you get embarrassed in your liver, your big toe and everywhere else.

Any cell that has a receptor (like little TV antennas) for those chemicals can be triggered into action by them.   The more you flood the body with these chemicals, the more the cells adapt to this environment.    As the cells make new copies of themselves in this flooded environment, they specialize and make more receptors for those chemicals.

So if you are always watching the “depression channel” you will physically change your cells over time and become better at being depressed.  You also become physically less capable of feeling the emotions that have been rare or absent as the cells will make few and fewer of those antennas.

And once in this state, short term efforts to feel better will fall flat because you are adapted to feeling depressed and do not have the immediate capacity to sustain “happy chemicals” like serotonin.   It is supply and demand; you haven’t been using the happy chemicals, so the factories have shut down one by one.   However, you have been buying lots sad chemicals, so those factories are going at full speed.

It takes time and specific protocols to make sure the brain and body are being conditioned and able to produce more of the happy chemicals.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from depression or you just want more happiness, please read these infobits and they will provide some valuable knowledge.

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