How were you trained to feel emotion?

Dr. Gibson’s Infobits – Depression and Happiness #5

How were you trained to feel emotion?

Genetic factors are often blamed for depression but rarely the cause.   So don’t assume your problem is genetic even if you have a family history.   This is usually a result of what I call “dinner table heredity” and not your DNA.   You may simply have similar bad habits in lifestyle and thought patterns that you subconsciously picked up as a child that are affecting your programming and therefore your brain chemistry.   And that is good news as it means you can change it!

Some call this the “MFTP” or the “Mother Father Teacher Preacher syndrome”.   These people that may have loved and cared for us, yet were human too and had baggage from their past that they pass down to us like some demented family heirloom.   Like Pavlov’s dog, these things have programmed us more than you may realize.   These neural programs affect not only how we think and act, but our physiology.

Remember, every thought and emotion is also biochemical reaction occurring in the brain and body.   And these chemicals dramatically alter physiology.   Over time they will also determine some genetic expression via epigenetic control.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from depression or you just want more happiness, please read these infobits and they will provide some valuable knowledge.

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