Are you eating right for your happiness?

Dr. Gibson’s Infobits – Depression and Happiness #6
The Molecules of Happiness.
Nutritional deficiencies, both simple and complex often result in depression. These deficiencies are most often caused by poor diets where the nutrient is in short supply or doesn’t exist at all.
Simply put, your body is an amazing machine made from 90 or so basic nutrients. An like any machine, when you take parts out of the machine, the machine will break!
This is especially shocking when we test the average Americans diet and find that most days there are only 15 to 20 nutrients out of 90 in their food! And people wonder why they have aches and pains, diseases and depressions when their most amazing machine is missing more than half of its parts.
Brain chemicals are no different in their requirement for specific parts to function even at a basic normal level. If you want a healthy functioning brain that allows you to feel happy, then it needs the nutrients that serotonin is made from. It needs the nutrients that dopamine is made from. As cool as the brain is, it cannot create something from nothing.
Keep reading these infobits and I’ll teach you what you need to eat to get your brain to produce the molecules of happiness.
If you or someone you care about is suffering from depression or you just want more happiness, please read these infobits and they will provide some valuable knowledge.

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