Are medications you take interfering with “B” vitamin absorption?

Dr. Gibson’s Infobits – Depression and Happiness #7

The Molecules of Happiness.


Common medications also interfere with digestion, absorption or biochemical function of nutrients critical for normal brain function. In this case, the depression or brain malfunction isn’t caused directly from the drug, but rather from the nutritional deficiency caused from the drug. So, even an amazingly healthy diet can be rendered impotent and unhealthy if your meds interfere with digestion, absorption, or bioavailability of your food.

If the drug interferes with B vitamins, for example, the brain cannot function normally. B’s are essential for brain function and to stay alive. You won’t likely die right away; you will likely suffer deficiency symptoms for years first. These B group vitamins have specific effects on brain cell functions and their deficiency leads to many different neurological and psychological problems.
Again, if you are taking medication, read ALL of the possible side-effects. Most have both neurological and gastrointestinal problems that may happen. Either of these categories can devastate your health in subtle ways that don’t show on the outside. Too often medications interfere with health leaving patients worse off than without them.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from depression or you just want more happiness, please read these infobits and they will provide some valuable knowledge.

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