Are Eggs Brain Food?

Eggs are brain food! Together with perfect protein and brain repairing cholesterol, organic free-range chicken eggs contain about 400 mg of Omega-3 per egg. Eggs also provide the raw nutrition for hormones like testosterone. Low T can have major problems for both men and women. Eggs help with that energy boost and a return to youthful vigor and vitality. Eggs are one of the most perfectly created foods for humans to eat and be healthy. However, the regular eggs you get from the store don’t provide this life-enhancing nutrition. Those eggs are from chickens fed almost exclusively GMO corn and have almost zero Omega-3 and instead have a lot of inflammatory Omega-6. Get the good kind only! Enjoy this handy tip to easily shell a hard-boiled egg.

Salt in water to boil the eggs. When they are done boiling I drain off hot water and run cold water over them until the eggs get cold. Crack each egg against kettle just enough to make a few cracks in shell. Let eggs sit in cold water about 10 minutes and peels usually peel off fairly easy.

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