Did you know this about sugar addiction?

Researchers at Princeton studying the neurochemical effects of sugar, have shown that sugar acts as a gateway drug for other drugs in many individuals. In one study, the research group fed chow to the rats as well as a 25% sugar solution similar to the sugar concentration of soft drinks. After one month the rats became “dependent” on the sugar … Read More

Do you wonder how to prepare vegetables to maximize their nutritional value?

Raw vs Cooked Do you wonder how to prepare vegetables to maximize their nutritional value? Cooking activates the nutrients in some vegetables—and does the exact opposite in others. Some produce is most nutritious uncooked, while other kinds need heat to bring out the best in them. Here are a few brief examples. Beets, Spinach, Chard, and Quinoa—continue to show many … Read More

Your Child Can Thrive -What makes my treatment so different than other programs?

Your Child Can Thrive – What makes my treatment so different than other programs? The problem with most existing programs is that they only focus on one component of the brain’s neurophysiology. Even if that component is necessary, it is only one part of a complete treatment that works synergistically to heal the brain tissue, the gut and then reprogram … Read More

Are You Feeding Disease or Fighting It?

Most people don’t make the connection between the food they eat and the quality of their health. The truth is, the food we eat directly affects our energy levels, how we feel, how we look, our immune system, and if we develop a disease. With the increase of fast foods and convenience foods — which not only lack the essential … Read More

What happens when you drink a soda?

What happens when you drink a can of Coke or any similar sugary drink: 1. In The First 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (more than 100% of your        recommended daily intake.) You don’t immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because  phosphoric acid and other flavorings cut the flavor allowing you to keep it down. … Read More

Are Eggs Brain Food?

Eggs are brain food! Together with perfect protein and brain repairing cholesterol, organic free-range chicken eggs contain about 400 mg of Omega-3 per egg. Eggs also provide the raw nutrition for hormones like testosterone. Low T can have major problems for both men and women. Eggs help with that energy boost and a return to youthful vigor and vitality. Eggs … Read More

Help Your Student Score Higher

Exam season is a stressful time for students and their families. It is so important they do well on the exams. Did you know that all brain functions improve with proper nutrition? The proper fuel is necessary to supercharge the brain. Follow these tips to help your student excel in studies and exams. 1) Make sure students are getting adequate … Read More

Do you know what you’re eating and how to protect your brain from neurotoxins?

Protect Your Brain from Neurotoxins: The following food additives can permanently damage nerve cells. Pregnant or nursing mothers take special care to exclude these chemicals as they are known to interfere with early brain development. These chemicals create an environment in the neurophysiology of the brain that makes vaccine induced autism more likely to happen. People with existing neurological problems, … Read More

What Food Is The Super Radiation Shield?

Long championed for its cancer-fighting properties and dense nutrition, broccoli may be one of the best protections from harmful radiation exposure. Research by scientists from Georgetown University Medical Center and published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that broccoli is uniquely equipped to help prevent and treat radiation sickness. This famous cruciferous vegetable has a radio-protector … Read More

NeoCell Is Superior Brain Nutrition

NeoCell’s proprietary phospholipid blend is key to the formula’s brain enhancing properties. These brain nutrients support cognitive function, emotional well-being and behavioral performance. By repairing brain cells, our phospholipids blend serve both structural and functional roles and are essential for the continued existence of every cell in the body. Due to its high concentrated in the brain, you simply cannot thrive … Read More

Backyard gardening: grow your own food, improve your health!

You might think you don’t have a green thumb, but anyone can plant a small garden and grow their own food. Need some motivation? Here are 10 reasons to grow your own food: It will save you money. You will find your grocery bill is lowered, plus you can freeze or can much of what you grow and eat it … Read More