What are my brain health recommendations?

Enhance Your Brain For A Better Life (Part 2) There is hope. Preventing neurological problems is much easier than treating existing damage to the brain. I have learned that there are simple lifestyle changes and easy-to-adopt natural therapies that can enhance everyone’s brain, as well as help prevent, treat, and reverse neurological disorders. Good news, this will also help improve … Read More

What’s Really Going on Inside Your Brain . . .

The brain is the most amazing and important organ in the body. Without any conscious thought at all, it keeps us alive by regulating everything from the liver to sleeping and digestion. As long as we are still breathing, we assume it is working. But did you know that your brain also controls your immune system, mood, energy, and even … Read More

What do I do for my child with a neurobehavioral disorder?

Help for Autism / ADD and Related Conditions Part 4 What do I do for my child with a neurobehavioral disorder? My integrated program does not rely on drugs, dangerous procedures or psychotherapy. No two children are identical and no two treatment plans are identical. I start patients with my basic health plan called “Dr. Gibson’s Essentials Protocol.” In addition … Read More