Do you know what you’re eating and how to protect your brain from neurotoxins?

Protect Your Brain from Neurotoxins: The following food additives can permanently damage nerve cells. Pregnant or nursing mothers take special care to exclude these chemicals as they are known to interfere with early brain development. These chemicals create an environment in the neurophysiology of the brain that makes vaccine induced autism more likely to happen. People with existing neurological problems, … Read More

What Food Is The Super Radiation Shield?

Long championed for its cancer-fighting properties and dense nutrition, broccoli may be one of the best protections from harmful radiation exposure. Research by scientists from Georgetown University Medical Center and published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that broccoli is uniquely equipped to help prevent and treat radiation sickness. This famous cruciferous vegetable has a radio-protector … Read More

NeoCell Is Superior Brain Nutrition

NeoCell’s proprietary phospholipid blend is key to the formula’s brain enhancing properties. These brain nutrients support cognitive function, emotional well-being and behavioral performance. By repairing brain cells, our phospholipids blend serve both structural and functional roles and are essential for the continued existence of every cell in the body. Due to its high concentrated in the brain, you simply cannot thrive … Read More